Unsafe Sex in the City

Are you feeling nervous of going to a GUM (Genito Urinary Medicine) Clinic? Here is a BBC Three documentary about people visiting a GUM Clinic in Manchester:

To view all four videos, please click here. We have added subtitles to all four episodes to provide access to the Hard of Hearing.

Series 1 – Manchester’s “The Hathersage Centre” GUM Clinic

Episode 1:
In this episode, meet Courtney and her friend Danielle and Kirvin and his friend Joe for their sexual health screening. Also meet Adam and Tim who have a rapid HIV test at the LGF now known as the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender foundation.

Episode 2:
Meet Gay porn actors, Lloyd and Skylar who have a sexual health screen before a porn film shoot. Also meet with friends and rappers Francis and Jarmian who go for a sexual health screen. We meet Heidi who thinks she has a 10% chance of having a baby, following an eariler STI and advice from her GP. Housemates Marissa and Martin find out why Martin is itching at night.

Episode 3:
Meet friends Ben, Roo and John, who are friends with Abi and Danni who go for a sexual health check up. Long distance relationship partners Adele and Eddie get her results. Lesbian couple Alex gets a check up and tries Dental dams with her partner, Aimme. We also meet gay man Dan for a checkup who is also HIV positive.

Episode 4:
In this episode we meet Jasmine who is hoping to have gender reassignment operation, Gary who has unsafe sex with girls he meets online. The clinic’s outreach workers visit a local college. We also meet gay couple, Dom and Lucas, Lucas is HIV- but Dom is HIV+ but has his viral load become undetectable? Adam and Jo get tested before they decide to stop using condoms.

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Passion Distribution.



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